Professional engineers have at their disposal a range of knowledge, skills, techniques and technologies of great potential. Such capabilities provide engineers with opportunities to enhance the wellbeing and agency of others in many ways. This course analyses these opportunities using examples from three key areas: engineering for peace, engineering for health and engineering for development. This course seeks to stimulate their ethical imagination by providing a convincing description of engineering in terms of the lives that it can enable persons and communities to live, in contrast to the more conventional focus on engineering as the means of providing ingenious technological artefacts. It is particularly hoped that the course will stimulate a commitment to innovation in the acceptance and expression of ethical responsibility by engineering students and young engineers.
Engineering Ethics Outline of an Aspirational Approach, W. Richard Bowen, Springer
Engineering Ethics Challenges and Opportunities, W. Richard Bowen, Springer
Engineering Ethics Concepts and Cases, 5th Edition, C. E. Harris, M. S. Pritchard, M. J. Rabins, R. James, E. Englehardt, Wadsworth Cengage Learning
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