Course activities
  • 1.
    class attendance policy
    Dear all,
    Over this pandemic period, I'd like to remind you NOT to try to attend the class even when you feel a tiny bit of discomfort.😒
    You're also advised to take notes of your absent dates this semester if there's any. If you're absent for 3 hours on March 6 & 13 for example, give a short presentation -- within 3 min. -- about anything you've learned or sth special you'd like to share in English by April 13.
    That is, within a month after you take 3 hours off, you'll have to give a short presentation in English, either in class or in a video u make at home, in which u talk like a youtuber!😉
    So don't worry if u cannot join the class, but try to explore your life, have fun and share~❤️

    Contact Gogo only thru LINE: gogosmokif
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    2nd quiz (8:15 PM 6/5) and evaluation
    Dear All,
    There will be 2 quizzes: both at 8:15 PM on 4/17 and 6/5. Together they account for 25% of the semester score.
    And the evaluation of your performance is as follows,
    1.  two quizzes  25%
    2.  free talk in class  35%
    3.  5~10 min. midterm talk in pair/a group of 3 people  20%
    4.  5~10 min. final talk in pair/a group of 3 people  20%
    5.  -3 points if a presentation is not given by its deadline. (Check the class attendance policy for details plz)
    For the quizzes, you'll have to practice making a logical and grammatically correct sentence with each of the 18 words/phrases on the word list below.
    On 6/5, only 10 words/phrases on the list will be printed on the quiz paper and you'll have to make 10 logical and gramatically correct sentences with them.
    You may check the example sentences in the dictionaries for reference:

    word list for 6/5 quiz2:
    1. (economically) distressed  (adj.)
    2. scrutinize  (vt.)
    3. offshore  (adj./adv.)
    4. supranational  (adj.)
    5. roll sth out/roll out sth  (vt.)
    6. stimulus (packages)  (n.)
    7. global supply chain (n.)
    8. inject  (vt. = introduce sth new to help)
    9. be on the books  (v.)
    10. subside  (vi.)
    11. round sth out  (v.)
    12. residual  (adj.)
    13. pungency (n.)
    14. treacherous (adj.)
    15. perch (v.)
    16. grueling (adj.)
    17. rave (vi.)
    18. hidden gem (n.)

    Gogo (LINE: gogosmokif)
    • 3.
      final talk

      期末考的對談是互問 互答 互相質疑



      6/12  8:20 Ashley Matthew

      8:30 Kevin WeiWen May

      8:40 Bella Jessica

      8:50 Jacky Jessica

      9:00 Marvin


      6/19   8:20 Ola Claire

      8:30 Judy Hana Yvett

      8:40 Shawn Benny Ian

      8:50 Byun Ivan Eason

      9:00 Peter Ash

      • Length of the final talk: 5~10 min.
      • Line Gogo (ID: gogosmokif) your general topic by 6/10 or 6/17.
      • Your topic should be related to one of the following talk/news/article.
      • 4.
        read before class
        1. rave (vi.)
        2. treacherous (adj.)
        3. hew (vt.)
        4. gruelling (adj.)
        5. perch (v.)
        6. mesmerizing (adj.)
        7. hidden gem (n.)
        8. tempt (vt.)
        9. seasoned (adj.)
        ===============finished topics====================
        Free talk on the news while including any 5 words on the list at least in the talk.
        word list:
        1. grapple with sth (v.)
        2. devastating (adj.)
        3. bushfire (n.)
        4. bone dry (adj.)
        5. sheer (adj.)
        6. scale (n.)
        7. intensity (n.)
        8. couple sth with sth (v.)
        9. on a par with sb/sth
        10. on top of sth
        11. drought-stricken (adj.)
        12. much of a stretch (n.)
        13. fluctuation (n.)
        14. human-induced (adj.)
        15. erratic (adj.)
        16. exacerbate (v.)
        17. public outrage (n.)
        18. mounting (adj.)
        19. call on sb (v.)
        20. take concerted action
        21. prolonged (adj.)
        22. in store for sb/sth
        23. anarchy (n.)
        24. two-pronged (adj.)
        25. mitigate (v.)
        26. tweaking (n.)
          3/13 focuses on the first half of the news (I.~III.). Check the attachment (news for 0313~0320) plz.
          3/20 on the rest (IV.~VI.)
        3/13: Free talk on the 1st half of the news while including any 5 words on the list at least in the talk.
        1. allegiance (n.)
        2. stoke (up) (v.)
        3. microcosm (n.)
        4. hobble (v.)
        5. run amok/amuck (v.)
        6. complicit (adj.)
        7. onslaught (n.)
        8. votary (n.)
        9. flare (up) (v.)
        10. reprisal (n.)
        11. unravel (v.)
        12. ferment (n.)
        13. vigilante (n.)
        14. of every stripe/of all stripes
        15. technocratic (adj.)
        16. locus (n.)
        17. rouse (v.)
        18. raze (v.)
        19. fault line (n.)
        20. faction (n.)
        21. stall (v.)
        22. havoc (n.)
        23. let loose sth
        3/20: Free talk on the rest of the news while including any 5 words on the list at least in the talk.
        Read Gogo 5 passages from the news which are one-sided and not neutral enough.
        1. overt (adj.)
        2. flimzy suspicion (adj. n.)
        3. harliner (n.)
        4. doctor (v.)
        5. sedition (n.)
        6. seethe (v.)
        7. defy (v.)
        8. scrupulous (adj.)
        9. menacing (adj.)
        10. usurp (v.)
        11. infiltrate (v.)
        12. tribunal (n.)
        13. strike sb off sth (v.)
        14. round sth/sb up
        15. transmute (v.)
        16. intern (v.)
        17. brazen (adj.)
        18. inure sb to sth (v.)
        19. venal (adj.)
        20. dislodge (v.)
        21. meddle (v.)
        22. partition (n.)
        23. tenuous (adj.)
        24. egalitarian (adj.)
        Free talk on the news while including any 5 words on the list at least in the talk.
        word list:
        1. bonhomie (n.)
        2. nudge (v.)
        3. glisten (v.)
        4. UNESCO (n./adj.)
        5. incredulous (adj.)
        6. transpire (v.)
        7. strong (= in number; adj.)
        8. stint (n.)
        9. derelict (adj.)
        10. prowl (v.)
        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<after midterm>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
        watch the TED talk before class (even if you've watched it before) and share your reflections on your development as a 20 something!
        Free talk on the news while including any 5 words on the list at least in the talk.
        word list:
        1. (economically) distressed  (adj.)
        2. scrutinize  (vt.)
        3. a flurry of
        4. offshore  (adj./adv.)
        5. supranational  (adj.)
        6. roll sth out/roll out sth  (vt.)
        7. stimulus (packages)  (n.)
        8. lockdown  (n.)
        9. logjam  (n.)
        10. global supply chain (n.)
        11. kick-start  (vt.)
        12. inject  (vt. = introduce sth new to help)
        13. be on the books  (v.)
        14. subside  (vi.)
        15. entwined  (adj.)
        16. revitalize  (vt.)
        17. self-sufficient  (adj.)
        5/22 color a picture (either print it or use an app and then color it on ur smartphone/tablet) and then present your work 5/22 in class
        In class, share your thoughts on this question: What is art or museum to you/your life?
        Free talk on the news while including any one word on the list at least in the talk. You may share different food pairings you know.
        word list:
        1. eponymous (adj.)
        2. splurge (v.)
        3. overpowering (adj.)
        4. garnish (v./n.)
        5. pungency (n.)
        6. residual (adj.)
        7. botanical (n.)
        8. round sth out (v.)