Course activities
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    class attendance policy
    Dear all,
    Over this pandemic period, I'd like to remind you NOT to try to attend the class even when you feel a tiny bit of discomfort.😒
    You're also advised to take notes of your absent dates this semester if there's any. If you're absent for 3 hours on March 5 & 12 for example, give a short presentation -- within 3 min. -- about anything you've learned or sth special you'd like to share in English by April 12.
    That is, within a month after you take 3 hours off, you'll have to give a short presentation in English, either in class or in a video u make at home, in which u talk like a youtuber!😉
    So don't worry if u cannot join the class, but try to explore your life, have fun and share~❤️
    contact Gogo only thru LINE: gogosmokif
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    Dear all,
    Contact me ONLY thru my LINE ID plz: gogosmokif
    The textbook is still--
    Contemporary Topics 3. 4th Ed. Beglar, David & Murray, Neil. Pearson, 2017.
    1.  motivation & participation 40%
    2.  unit 7~12 online assignments (complete all the assignments by May 31st) 10%
    course id:  3FVM-CH97
    (To register online, check the info on the inside front cover of the textbook.)

    3.  midterm (on TOEFL listening) 25%
    4.  5~10 min final presentation 25%
    5.  -3 points if a presentation is not given by its deadline. (Check the class attendance policy for details plz)
    • 3.
      4/30 midterm exam
      The exam starts at 10:10 AM on 4/30.
      80% of the test is on TOEFL listening, and
      20% is on listening and filling in the missing words/phrases (from TOEIC part 4).
      • 4.
        final presentation: demo & tell
        Set up all your files & tools before 10:10 AM please~
        Time limit:  3~10 min.
        Presentation topic:  "How to..." or "Three Ways to..." (e.g. Three Ways to Treat Depression by NLP; How to Do Airy-Layered Hair in 3 min.; Five Steps to Build Triceps)
        The final presentation involves demonstration and instruction, i.e. you need to explain to while showing the audience how to do certain things. So you'll have to bring along the necessary tools, together with some other visual aids like ppt/ prezi/ flip chart... on the presentation day.
        10:10 Jacky
        10:20 Kelly
        10:30 Celia
        10:40 Celine
        10:10 Todd
        10:20 Estella
        10:30 Jay
        10:40 Mark
        10:10 Cindy Tsai
        10:20 Cindy Wang
        10:30 Yee Yung
        10:40 Tiffany
        10:10 Myron
        10:20 Aeron
        10:30 Tracy
        10:40 Cheryl
        10:10 Sheena
        10:20 Ruby
        10:30 Howard
        10:40 Richard
        10:10 Vivian
        10:20 Jessica
        10:30 Cyndi Lin
        10:40 Amy
        10:10 Tina
        10:20 Yen Po
        10:30 Shannon
        10:40 Eva
        10:50 Anna
        11:00 Mary
        11:10 Miki
        11:20 Jeff
        11:30 Vanny
        11:40 Marvin
        • 5.
          watch before 3/5 first week of the semester :)
          Watch the videos in the link below before 3/5~
          video1: How climate change is changing lives
          video2: This is how the Australian fires are being extinguished
          video3: One Australian town's long road to recovery from fires