This course introduces dynamic processes and the engineering tasks of process operations and control. Subject covers modeling the static and dynamic behavior of processes; control strategies; design of feedback, feedforward, and other control structures; and applications to process equipment.
Process Control: A First Course with MATLAB. Pao C. Chau. Cambridge University Press
Process Dynamics and Control 3rd Edition. Dale E. Seborg, Duncan A. Mellichamp, Thomas F. Edgar, Francis J. Doyle, III. Wiley
Course schedule:
Introduction to Process Control
Theoretical Models of Chemical Processes
Laplace Transforms
Transfer Function Models
Dynamic Behavior of First-Order and Second-Order Processes
Dynamic Response Characteristics of More Complicated Processes
Development of Empirical Models from Process Data
Feedback Controllers
Control System Instrumentation 
Process Safety and Process Control 
Dynamic Behavior and Stability of Closed-Loop Control Systems 
PID Controller Design, Tuning, and Troubleshooting 
Control Strategies at the Process Unit Level 
Frequency Response Analysis and Control System Design
Feedforward and Ratio Control
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