Course activities
  • 1.
    5~8 mins. individual presentation
    Set up all the necessary files by 10:10 AM please~
    11/21 10:18  G1 Richard
              10:26  G3 Jacky
              10:34  G3 Todd
    11/28 10:10  G8 Vivian
              10:18  G8 Jessica
              10:26  G12 Sheena
              10:34  G12 Estella
    12/5 10:10  G19 Marvin
              10:18  G7 Celine
              10:26  G7 Vanny
              10:34  G4 Mary
    12/12 10:10  G16 Cindy
              10:18  G16 Cheryl
              10:26  G14 Yen Po
              10:34  G14 Sirivipa
    12/19 10:10  G10 Yee Yung
              10:18  G10 Cindy
              10:26  G19 Cyndi
              10:34  G19 Charlie
    12/26 10:10  G9 Tina
              10:18  G9 Anna
              10:26  G15 Jay
              10:34  G4 Miki
    1/ 2    10:10  G17 Mark
              10:18  G17 Myron
              10:26  G6 Amy
              10:34  G6 Chloe
    1/ 9    10:10  G2 Kelly
              10:18  G2 Celia
              10:26  G5 Ruby
              10:34  G5 Tiffany
               10:42  G11 Shannon
               10:50  G11 Eva
               10:58  G18 Tracy
               11:06  G18 Aeron
               11:14  G1 Howard
               11:22  G9 Tina
               11:30  G6 Chloe
               11:38  G10 Yee Yung
    step 1  find a video clip, choose a section of it less than 3 mins
    step 2  choose 3 interesting words/ phrases/ slangs in this section
    step 3  list the 3 words/ phrases/ slangs in a ppt/ prezi/ other visual aids, illustrating their meaning and usage
    *Plz refrain from including too many words in the ppt/ prezi slides. The audience needs to look at you while you're addressing them, not to read tons of words on the slides.
    step 4 (optional)  design a game or Q n A with the audience
    presentation procedure:
    limit your presentation time 5~8 mins.
    step 1  introduce the clip (no reading of your script)
    step 2  play the clip (no longer than 3 mins)
    step 3  show the ppt/ prezi..., explaining the words/ phrases/ slangs (eye contact with the audience)
    step 4 (optional)  game or QnA
    • 2.
      1st day listening
      Lisa Feldman Barrett
      Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2017)

      Q. In your experience, what negative prediction(s) have you ever made? How did this/these prediction(s) hinder your growth/progress/achievement? Give an example.

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        course info
        Dear All,
        Contact me ONLY thru my LINE ID plz: gogosmokif
        The textbook is--
        Contemporary Topics 3. 4th Ed. Beglar, David & Murray, Neil. Pearson, 2017.
        And I'll post all necessary class info here on i-learning, so do set up your email address here plz.
        1. motivation & participation 40%
        2. unit 1~6 online assignments (complete all the assignments by Dec.15th) 15%
        course id: 3FVM-CH97
        (To register online, check the info on the inside front cover of the textbook.)

        3. midterm (on ielts listening) & final exams 45%
        4. You are allowed to be absent for 6 hours at most for all reasons this semester:

        Being late for over 30 min/leaving 30 min early is seen as absenteeism.
        If you're absent for 7 hours, 7 points will be deducted from the semester score.
        If you're absent for 8 hours, 10 points will be deducted from the semester score.
        If you're absent for 9 hours, 15 points will be deducted from the semester score.
        If you're absent for 10 hours, 20 points will be deducted from the semester score, and so on.