Course activities
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    1/3 classwork

    Dear all,

    If you've finished both the tasks on 12/27, you don't have to come 1/3. :)


    p.53  activity 2 – part 2

    1. Read the example in this part.
    2. On stage, tell the class one of your personal experiences and then sum it up with one of the 5 sayings in activity 1.


    1. Choose a topic in step 1 on p.54 or “Fast fashion,” “Bandwagon effect,” or “Nuclear power.”

    2. Complete Body “I. First reason,” “II. Second reason,” Introduction “I. Attention getter,” and “II. Statement of opinion” on p.55.

    3. Show Gogo your ideas on p.55.

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      12/20 classwork

      The links below show the clips that impress you with the youtubers'/speakers' opening attention getters!




      Abby, Shepard & Joanne


      Grant & Arthur


      Jacky and Jessica


      Jeany & Yvonne


      Yvis & Peter Y


      Alston, Tina & Harper






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        12/13 class work
        Dear all,
        You'll be working on the topic below (or your final video topic), jotting down all the brainstorming process, and then showing Gogo your brainchild today. :)
        Topic: Get A Pay Raise Wisely (see another example on p.40~41)
        I. prepare the body
           step1. write all the ideas/main points that relate
           step2. shortlist the best ideas when considering the time frame
           step3. order the ideas logically
           step4. support the ideas with details (e.g. examples, stories, facts, statistics)
        II. prepare the conclusion
            step1. recap the main points in other words
            step2. end the speech by making a final remark or quoting sb
        III. prepare the introduction
           step1. attention getter: a story, a question or a shocking fact
           step2. briefly introduce the main points
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          12/6 class work
          1. Complete  activity 2  on p.33.
          2. Listen to Francisco and Leila giving their presentations (p.27~29). Explain to Gogo whose presentation sounds more intriguing to you.
          3-a. Watch Rowan Atkinson Live at
          and explain how Atkinson created the effects by demonstrating his body language and (subtle) vocal varieties.
          3-b. Memorize any 3~4 lines in "Body" on p.27~29. Include appropriate gestures/tones/facial expressions/pauses when telling the story to Gogo.
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            10/25 Graham Shaw :)
            I. Tell Gogo later how the speaker shows his connection with the audience. Notice the way he talked, showed facial expressions and made gestures during the talk.
            Another task today is for you to upload your voice only on iLearning. :)
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              1st assignments
              Then list three things that you might want to learn from Brene Brown about giving a speech.
              2. Hand in your 1st outline of "a Vibrant Cycle in a College English Class" (midterm mini speech) next class on 9/27
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                course info
                Dear All,
                Contact me ONLY thru my LINE ID plz: gogosmokif
                The textbook is--
                Dale, Paulette and Wolf, James C. Speech Communication Made Simple 2. 4th Ed. Pearson, 2013.
                And I'll post all necessary class info here on i-learning, so do set up your email address here plz.
                1. motivation, participation, assignments 50%
                2. two presentations 50%
                4. You are allowed to be absent for 6 hours at most for all reasons this semester:

                Being late for over 30 min/leaving 30 min early is seen as absenteeism.
                If you're absent for 7 hours, 7 points will be deducted from the semester score.
                If you're absent for 8 hours, 10 points will be deducted from the semester score.
                If you're absent for 9 hours, 15 points will be deducted from the semester score.
                If you're absent for 10 hours, 20 points will be deducted from the semester score, and so on.