The need for the development and understanding of large, complex data sets in a wide range of different fields, including economics, chemistry, chemical engineering, and control engineering is very important. In all these fields, the common thread is using these data sets for the development of models to forecast or predict future behavior. Furthermore, the availability of fast computers has meant that many of the techniques can now be used and tested even on one’s own computer. This course is to provide a thorough mathematical and statistical background the regression analysis through the use of examples drawn from the chemical and process industries.
Statistics for Chemical and Process Engineers: A Modern Approach, Yuri A. W. Shardt, Springer
Engineering Statistics, 5th Edition, D. C. Montgomery, G. C. Runger, N. F. Hubele, Wiley
電話: (02)8912-1188‧ 服務信箱:
Introductory Statistics, 8th Edition, P. S. Mann, Wiley
Probability and Statistics for Engineers, R. Johnson, J. Freund, I. Miller, Pearson
電話: (04)2708-8787 服務信箱:
Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, 6th Edition, W. M. Mendenhall, T. L. Sincich, CRC Press
Taylor Francis Group
電話: (02)2778-7900#11 服務信箱:
Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, 9th Edition, J. L. Devore, CENGAGE Learning
電話: (04)2241-3551#532 服務信箱:
Course schedule:
2/21 Introduction
3/7 Class session 
3/14 Class session
3/21 Class session
3/28 Class session
4/11 Class session
4/18 Class session
4/25 Midterm exam
5/2 Class session
5/9 Class session
5/16 Class session
5/23 Class session
5/30 Class session
6/6 Class session
6/13 Class session
6/20 Final exam
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