Chemical engineering underlies the chemical process industries, and the emphasis on this has been the main objective in this course. This course is introduced to give the young chemical engineer some comprehension of the various fields into which he will enter or with which he will be affiliated even if only indirectly. Various outline flow sheets are supplemented with references to pictured flow sheets in Chemical Engineering which will provide the details to students.
Shreve's Chemical Process Industries, 5th Edition, R. N. Shreve, McGraw-Hill
Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, 8th Edition, R. H. Perry and D. W. Green, ‎McGraw-Hill
Using Aspen Plus® in Thermodynamics Instruction A Step-by-Step Guide, S. I. Sandler, Wiley
Aspen Plus® Chemical Engineering Applications, K. I. M. Al-Malah, Wiley
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